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Aerobic Dance & School Children

SINGH:Aerobic Dance & School Children
Autor: Gurmeet Singh / Deepak Sharma
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ISBN / EAN: 9783639667714

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Human is so addicted to hi-tech luxurious life style that he even buy groceries through home services. The most affected in today s fast moving and highly competitive world is the adolescent who passes through too many changes at a too speed. Delay in providing a solution can cause serious consequences like their indulgence in the dark world of drugs, violence, and anti-social activities etc. there may be many solutions to this problem. One effective solution can divert their young minds and energies towards creative and constructive goals and help them in leading a fit and meaningful life. Among many solutions aerobic dance is the most effective way to cope with this dilemma. The present researcher has tried to find out the effect of aerobic dancing on physical, physiological and psychological component of school children the study have been found to be considerably significant on the variables selected for the study in comparison to control group. This suggests that importance should be given to the aerobic dance workout at least three days a week and also done before any specific task or competition for beginners athlete so that they can acquire fitness level.

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