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Wood Antenna

Vidémé Bossou:Wood Antenna
Autor: Olivier Vidémé Bossou / Juan
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ISBN / EAN: 9783639199123

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For the universities of the emergent countries, the fight to reach a durable development requires to know the needed scientific and technical information for their development, how to get it and to spread it out among partners in the country. In the present book, we will treat of antennas for telecommunications systems. This subject is highly suitable as example and potential incubator for future achievements. The ultimate goal is to design and carry out the fabrication of a system of satellite communications adapted to the financial resources and to the development needs of the universities of the South. One of the aims of this project is to use local wood as dielectric in SSFIP type antennas. Before using a material as dielectric in an antenna design, it must be characterized. Then we will carry out a series of measurements to characterize the species of wood growing in the Cameroonian forest. We will design, manufacture and measure the LNA characteristics. A simple manufacturing process will be used to realize these antennas.

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