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Gender disparity and intergenerational attitude towards girl child

Singh:Gender disparity and intergenerat
Autor: Anita Singh / Nishi Sethi
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Sex ratio is a composite indicator of women status in a society. Indian Census (2011) sounding an alarm over the falling child sex ratio, These alarming figures are an eye opening for all. Thus it was the high time to explore central causes and bring some concrete strategy to overcome the problem. Therefore, the study attempts to explore intrahousehold discrimination regarding allocation of roles, responsibilities and resources which are not generally determined by biological make up but by society s perception of differential roles for male and females. Besides, the study also yields the information on present status of rural and urban families in view of gender perspective which clearly indicate the picture of gender inequality in professional education, cooking pattern, dinning pattern, domestic roles and responsibilities, decision making pattern, social participation, participation in agricultural and animal husbandry activities. Study also examined the attitude of three generations i.e would be parents, parents and grand parents towards girl child.The strategy suggested in the study if implemented will certainly help to some extent change the attitude and mind of peoples.

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