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Peni Volavola

Peni Volavola
Autor: Janeka Ane Madisyn
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  • Verlag: Betascript Publishing
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Captain Ratu Peni Volavola is the Lord Mayor of the Fijian capital of Suva. Volavola, a Councillor representing the Tamavua ward, was elected Lord Mayor in 2003, under a memorandum of understanding between of his United Fiji Party (SDL) and the National Federation Party (NFP) of his predecessor, Chandu Umaria, according to which the two parties agreed to hold the Mayoralty for one year each, with the parties choosing the Lord Mayor jointly in the third year (2004). The coalition collapsed in 2004, however, forcing Volavola to forge a new coalition. In a rare display of cooperation between the SDL and the Fiji Labour Party (FLP), its main rivals at the national level, five FLP councillors voted for Volavola to remain in office. Vinod Lal of the FLP was elected as his deputy.

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