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Natural Disaster and Heritage Tourism in Nepal

Kunwar:Natural Disaster and Heritage To
Autor: Rameshraj Kunwar / Usha Chand
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This book deals with natural disaster and it's effects on heritage tourism and how the destination re-coops it's marketing. In this study the importance of cultural capital of the destination has been intensively studied for the promotion of heritage tourism in Bhaktapur, one of the world heritage sites of Nepal. Reconstruction after disaster is a Hercules task. Good efforts must be made to bring back in the same situation by the tourism destination country. Local communities, government and different stakeholders are the key factors for the restoration of the heritage tourism of the affected area. This work led us into the depths of the whole heritage realm of Bhaktapur, concerned mainly with the destruction after the earthquake and also helped gain a fairer idea of what heritage tourism actually is and how an earthquake can question the bases upon which the heritage tourism industry had rested.The concept, theories, perspectives and approaches of both natural disaster and heritage tourism are critically analyzed in this book.

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