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Queen Of The Jungle

Onyechere:Queen Of The Jungle
Autor: Chinedu Onyechere
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Artikelnummer: 2394022
ISBN / EAN: 9786137972250

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  • Autor:
  • Verlag: Blessed Hope Publishing
  • ISBN / EAN: 9786137972250
  • Bindung: Taschenbuch


Isiugbo has never being ruled by a woman before. The emergence of Adaeze as the new monarch raised eyebrows. The kingmakers and elders have no option than to crown her since there is no clear evidence of all suspicions.Her reign brought calamities upon Isiugbo Kingdom. Murder, arson, theft, religious intolerance etc filled the Kingdom. Other notorious people like her also had field days exhibiting their atrocities and wickedness in the community.Adaeze's pride and arrogance brought all these upon a once peaceful and prosperous people. A high point in her reign was the miraculous conversion of her Ochiagha (ie head of army) to born again Christianity on a day she sent him out to torture the church while on Jesus March Parade all over the community Kingdom.Ochiagha went out on her command but never returned because he turned out a Born Again Christian as he met Jesus right there before the church just like the biblical Saul that became Paul.Finally, the secret behind Adaeze's suspicious emergence came to the open. She left the throne on her shield. The rightful man emerged King, peace and prosperity returned back to the once troubled Kingdom.

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